After my first job experience, I realised that I  still wasn’t totally pleased with my English level. I have been studying English for as long as I can remember, but I wanted it in my real life. At that point, I decided to continue my studies in London, so I moved there for four long years. Living abroad in a metropolitan city had a huge impact on my life and made me see many opportunities through different lenses. I realised how much I love being surrounded by children and I developed my patience skills and awoke the desire to become a teacher. Now I recall that in my childhood, I wanted to be a teacher but over the years, as it seemed too challenging, the idea completely faded from my mind. My first day as a teacher will always be one to remember. That sense of excitement and apprehension raised my adrenaline and got my heart raising for hours.                                            “Don’t try to be great at everything right away. It will come with practice” I had many experiences and students of all ages and levels but I still haven’t seen it all!The journey to turn into a teacher is a long one and to finally reach it is a huge achievement. Teaching is one of the best and most rewarding professions in the world. It is really hard work and, in this manner, it is vital to require investment in yourself and make sure you enjoy it! I am “The Queen” in my classes, during the lessons, but at the same time, I am another ordinary student as I learn something new from each person that I teach, every single day.                                                               Remember that everyone that you will ever meet, knows something that you don’t! Understanding needs, identifying my student’s emotions and influencing them to grow, develop and put each one of their hopes and dreams in themselves are my regular missions. Both students and I must change and evolve constantly as there is always room for improvement regardless of how much experience and knowledge you have. I give infinite thanks to Bristol and all my students for the provided support, training and inspiration which make me headway.  

By Denisa Dobre

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